Some of my Best Blog Posts

I’ve been blogging since 2007. Here are some of my most memorable articles.

1. What Type of “Tall” Are You? – One size does not fit all. I’ve identified 3 types of tall body shapes. Where do you fit?

2. Women’s Extra Tall Jumpsuits – I know how much you love your jumpsuits and all of these are for extra tall women.

3. The Big Roundup of Hawaiian Bedding – Even if you don’t live in Hawaii, you can decorate your home like an exotic retreat. This is the style I use for my home.

4. Plus Size Beach Getaway – I recently sold Plus-Size-Mall, but most content on the site was created by me.

5. Tall Clothing Mall Newsletter Archives – If you missed a newsletter, you can read the archives to get all of the style tips and advice I have sent out.