The Basics of Affiliate Marketing

What exactly does the term “affiliate marketing” mean?

affiliate marketing what is it?

Let me break it down for you:  Imagine that you are a vacuum salesman. You are hired by Kirby to go out and sell vacuums door to door. This is your job. You don’t own the vacuums, the Kirby company does.  But, when you sell a vacuum, you are paid a commission.  You work really hard learning how to sell and present all of the best features to your potential buyer.

Affiliate Marketing is Similar

You sign up with a company to promote their product via online marketing – normally through a blog.  When someone visits your website and likes a product you are talking about, they click on the item they like. They are then taken to the website that sells the item. If the customer makes a purchase you are given a commission.  It’s exactly like the vacuum salesman above,  but you are an online salesman.

Many People Make Their Livings Through Affiliate Marketing

Almost all fashion blogs these days are encrypted with these special type of links. You may have clicked on hundreds of these links and not even known it.  Is it dangerous to click these links? No. In fact I make my living as an affiliate marketer and I click on the links of other marketers like myself all of the time.

Is it Easy Money?

It’s not easy to make money as an affiliate marketer. In fact it can take years to make a decent amount.  You can’t just throw up a bunch of links and get rich. The most successful marketers create a business plan, and then create an intentional blog geared toward a specific niche.  Stick with me and I’ll help walk you through the process.

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